We are promoting our patented machine-made pre-rolled paper-based tips in the coming two years. Healthy, Easy, Economic, Sustainable ---- the concepts are going to prevail in the market of near future, confronting traditional sponge tips and paper booklets.

More than aware, the solid position of "roll your own" has never been shaken ever since their appearance. Rather, rolling paper and especially paper tips have grown out of the service for the minority that pursue fully personalised smoking experience and been gaining market share everyday on their inborn merits over sponge tips. But the rate of growth is still far below that it deserves to be! The only impeding reason remains in the cost, compared to sponge-based products. C2C Smoking is one of the few pioneering companies aiming at providing the solution to substitute handcraft in this walk. Our production line is highly mechanised, thanks to the patented manufacturing facility. With this pride, we have now been able to announce three brands of products----Duke, Nabibi, and Pompous, each oriented to its specific market.

We have ambition in a conceptual change in this aged market. Smoking with pre-rolled tips shall become a vogue, a Renaissance that brings the customers back to the lost fashion. With this aim, we are seeking veteran distributors who are familiar with the market, who can make our products spread rapidly. Beyond a for-sure money-making opportunity, it is a career in which you can create something that ever grows with your input wisdom and energy.

For potential collaboration, you may contact us by c2csmoking@gmail.com.